RootSelection is plugin based.
Each plugin calculates a rating between 0 and 1, multiplys it with the multiplier and adds the result to a decision table.
The root with the most points is used to create new files and directorys.

Inbuilt plugins


Forces all new files and directorys to be written to a specified root.
Parameter: rootID of root to be used. First root has ID 0, second root has ID 1 ...
Multiplier has no effect on this plugin. All other plugins are ignored.


New files and directorys are written to the root with the most free available diskspace.
Parameter: not used (set to 0 or something)

External plugins

External plugins are placed into /Plugins/ folder in the program folder. If the directory does not exist WMFS will just ignore it.

There are not external plugins available yet.

See Plugin development if you want to write your own rootselection plugin.

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