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Install the latest Doken Library from
Install WinMergeFS by running setup.exe

To install WinMergeFS as a system service run WinMergeFS.exe -install-service.


Usage: WinMergeFS <parameters>


        manual mount, expects -roots or -rroots and -driveletter

  -profile <filename.xml>
        mount the specified profile

  -create-profile <filename.xml>
        create a profile, -roots, -driveletter ...

  -roots <root1>[::<root2>::...]
        roots, separate by "::"

  -rroots <root1>[::<root2>::...]
        like -roots, but read only

  -driveletter <N>
        drive letter to mount to

  -volumeid <VolumeID>
         volume ID

  -plugins name,multiply,parameter[::name,multiply,parameter::...]
         select plugins to load, separate by "::"
         uses "diskspace,100,0" if omitted

  -logfile none|console|<filename>
         specify log file (default: console)

  -loglevel debug|info|error|none
         select log verbosity (default: info)

  -sample <filename>
         create sample service configuration file

         install service on the system

         remove the service from the system

         run service config (config.xml) in console
         forces logfile=console, loglevel=debug

         show version information

Example Usage

WinMergeFS.exe -profile ExampleProfile.xml
      Mounts profile saved in ExampleProfile.xml.

WinMergeFS.exe -manual -driveletter n -volumeid WinMergeFS -roots C:\Folder1::C:\Folder2
      Mounts C:\Folder1 and C:\Folder2 into drive N:\ with volume id WinMergeFS.

WinMergeFS.exe -manual -driveletter n -volumeid WinMergeFS -roots C:\Folder1::C:\Folder2 -plugins diskspace,100,0 -logfile WinMergeFS.log -loglevel debug
      Mounts C:\Folder1 and C:\Folder2 into drive N:\ with volume id WinMergeFS,
      uses diskspace plugin with multiplier 100 and writes debug log to WinMergeFS.log


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Duke Aug 23, 2009 at 6:41 PM 
Hi Gordon,
force and diskspace are integrated into the API. Since there are no external plugins yet, you can ignore the error message.
Thanks for using WMFS!

GordonSchumacher Aug 21, 2009 at 9:54 PM 
The plugins do not appear to be in either the installer nor the zip file, and if I try and do anything it complains "InitializeExternPlugins: Plugin_Dir not found". Am I doing something wrong?